One day in Giethoorn

One day in Giethoorn

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Most tourist are coming to Giethoorn for one day, a weekend (link naar weekend) or a full week (link naar week). Whatever you will choose, Giethoorn has a lot to offer so you will never be bored. In this article we will give you an idea what you can do in Giethoorn is you only have one day to spent in our lovely tiny village.


When you have decided to visit Giethoorn and you only have one day it is good to what you can do if you have one day in Giethoorn. Preparation is the key to make it an day you will neven forget. First of all it is good to know what kind of person are you. If you are a laid back kind of person than your day will be totally different then if you are into sport and activities.
There is a lot to do in Giethoorn and it is a shame when you do not have a clear view what Giethoorn has to offer. On this website we have a lot of articles what can help you to determine what you want to do in Giethoorn and surrounding. If your question hasn’t be answered then you can send us an email and we will help you out.
It is good to know how you will come to Giethoorn. You have several options like Car, Touring Bus or Public Transportation. We have written and article about it and you can find it here.


When you come to visit Giethoorn there are two importants things what you need to do. The first thing is that you need to be on the water. This you can done by renting a boat. Giethoorn is famous of the nickname “Venice of the North”. Little sidestep: If you want to know which nicknames Giethoorn has you can find it here. The boat companies has several options where you can choose from. You have boats with an electric motor but you have also to options to rent a traditional punter. An overview of the various options can you find here.
When you have short time we would recommend to spent two to four hours on the water. Two hours is the least amount of time to do the basic route through the canals and under de bridges. When you are in the occasion to spend four hours on the water you can relax a little bit and do an alternative route.
The second important thing is to just walk through Giethoorn. The center of Giethoorn has no car roads and therefore it is very nice to stroll and to do some sightseeing and make beautiful pictures of the wooden bridges, sweet little houses.

Organised Tour

If you don’t want to hassle you have the option to book an organised tour. Hereby you don’t have to worry and everything will be arranged for you. The only thing what you need to do is be on time what the first activity start. Depending on what you want you can have a relaxing or an strenuous activity. What about doing a climbing activity, or to play an Escaperoom. Next to this you have a lot of activities where a boat(tour) in included.
What a great thing is that multiple tours have an activity program where food and drinks are included, so this is good thing and you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Click here to check the several possibilities.

Eating in Giethoorn

Giethoorn has a lot of restaurants where you can eat, drink and relax. It is nice to sit somewhere, drink a glass of Wine and see other people come and go. Almost every restaurant sits directly on the water and walking strip so you will sit first rang. The prices of the restaurants are good comparing to other touristic places like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zaanse Schans, Maastricht, Utrecht or Eindhoven. You can have a three course mail for around €20 euro. Like every village you have the option to make it as cheap or expensive if you want. We have written an article about it and you can find it here.

Example of a day in Giethoorn

In this example we give an idea how your day can be look like when you have only one day in Giethoorn. The day before you where in Amsterdam and you have decided to visit Giethoorn. You will take the train from Amsterdam Central Train Station. In 1 hour and 30 minutes it will bring you to station Steenwijk where you leave the train. From station Steenwijk you will take the bus (bus line 70 or the Giethoorn Express) and step out in Giethoorn. Because you are here early the first thing to do is the walk through the village. You make pictures and enjoy the nice weather with a little breeze through your hair. After a walk you are going to drink a nice cup of cappuccino and en chill a little bit. At the end of the morning to sun finally broke through and it is time to step into the boat what you have reserved the evening before. While you are navigate through the canals you make pictures of each other, the wooden bridges and traditional farmer stays. In the meanwhile you will take your lunch what you have taken with you from the hotel.
From the canals we will navigate to one of the secret spots where only the locals are coming to relax on the water. Here we go for a swim to cool off, relax and do some sunbathing. After a couple of hours enjoying this relaxing setting it is time to go back to the rental company.
You notice that you get hungry so you sit down at one of the many restaurants to eat a burger and drink a nice glass of wine. After dinner you head to an open spot and have a look at the sunset. After this you will go back to Amsterdam and take a good night rest.

Things to know when you are coming to Giethoorn

  • Come early if you only have one day to spent. During 11 o clock in the morning till 16:00 in the afternoon it will be crowdy. But before and after is will be a lot less busy.
  • Make a reservation in advance. This nog only saves you time but also prevents disappointment when all boats are rented out to other tourists. You can rent a boat here. The best thing with this booking website is that the prices are the same as what you have to pay by the boat company.
  • We have a lot of good restaurants in Giethoorn and surrounding but when you are planning to stay a whole day at the water it can be a good idea to bring your own water and snacks with you. You can if you want moor the boat at one of the restaurants that are directly on the water.
  • If it is a very warm day, don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen oil, or an umbrella. It may look silly but at the open water with the sun fully on your face can be easily burned.
  • Giethoorn is not a museum, there live real people in the little sweet houses. So be gentle and respect their property. If there is a fence what is closed, do not go through it to make a picture.

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